Thursday, June 01, 2006

No Ordinary Love

*** (taken from my friendster blog)***

I didn't know that a certain song could bring such a rush of emotion in a person. Not until this morning, when this song was played in my car radio. 'twas like an encounter with a ghost i was trying to avoid. i was again reminded of those nice days with that someone who came in so suddenly and left unexpectedly. He sent this song to me once. We both liked it, and i always associated this song with him. And when the song ended, i was left with a hundred different emotions i couldn't define.

No Ordinary Love

I gave you all the love I got
I gave you more than I could give
I gave you love
I gave you all that I have inside
And you took my love
You took my love

Didn't I tell you
What I believe
Did somebody say that
A love like that won't last
Didn't I give you
All that I've got to give baby

I keep crying
I keep crying for you
There's nothing like you and I baby

This is no ordinary love
No ordinary love
This is no ordinary love
No ordinary love

When you came my way
You brightened every day
With your sweet smile

Monday, May 22, 2006

I'm back!

I'm glad to say i'm back here!!!!

I don't have something in particular to write, but i just thought it'd be nice to post something here after a looong absence.

Gosh, i missed you all guys! Thanks so much for still dropping by here. And thanks for the kind words, i really appreciate it. I love you all!!!

Monday, April 03, 2006

last post

i haven't been around for quite a while and now that i'm here, i'd be saying goodbye.

i'd been through a lot of emotional upheavals lately: family, career, relationship and even though writing serves as an outlet and escape for me, i think silence is the best thing i needed right now.

to the people i've known through this blog; for the beautiful strangers who served as inspiration, confidantes and friends for me when when no one was there... many, many thanks. you all touched my life in more ways than one. i'll see you again one day.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

untitled.. can't think of one

first: i suck on giving titles.
second: this post is just another random accounts from what happened in my life for the past days/weeks (hence the title my so called life, ayt?)

okay, so here's the update....

1. Austin

I promised myself i would write a good post about our visit in Austin (2nd week of feb.), but it's been too long and my enthusiasm is gone.

Nevertheless, i think it's just fair to say that i was struck by the beauty of the place. There is something poetic about Austin. Maybe it's the rocks... or the trees... or the hills. Or maybe there was just something in the air when we went there, and we got caught up with its spell.

But still.... I remain in love, and loyal to Houston.

*Yes, some may find this city as less enticing, less lively than the others. they have their reasons, and i know what they mean. but this has been my home for two years. i created new memories here. i've done things i've never done before. made some very good friends, and met people who touched my life and changed me in one way or another. *

Our visit there was a combination of fun and adventure. (and weirdness) First, we accidentally met my friend's ex... of all places! (sorry, Yela, i-kwento ba kita? he he) Then, we got hit on at the bar by some guys who were looking for random hook-ups... they were vulgar, and a bit more forward, and just one letter short of pervert. oh, and they were pilots too.

And when we finally got to our hotel room, our neighbors didn't give us the much needed goodnight sleep. 5 minutes after closing the door, sombody was knocking... imagine, at 3:00 o'clock in the morning!! And it was just our next-door neighbors... they seem drunk (too drunk, i think), and said they wanted to meet us. Of course, we didn't open the door. They continued to knock and even called our room. We promised to meet them at a more decent hour, and they stopped. First thing in the morning... we packed and left.

And then... at the flea market... we got to talk to a man (probably on his mid-40s or 50s) who has very deep insights about life and love. He is a craftsman... an artist who makes and sells his own stuff (earrings, necklaces, etc.) at that street near the university belt. And we were captivated by this man who has nothing much to brag about his education, but so much to tell about life... weird. Ironic, but he has so much depth than those educated jerks we met at the bar.

2. Got busy @ work last week: skills fair, competencies, 3 straight nights.... etc.

3. Dos: Me, & dais, and Weng celebrated our 2nd year here in the US. Dais & I gave each other a treat. (weng's already married and no longer lives near us) She took me out for lunch at joe's crab, and i took her out for breakfast @ Godo's. Turned out she paid more... ha ha!

5. Last night, i was close to being drunk. It was my friend, J's b-day, so there was good food, lotsa drinks (what'd u expect, it's jb!), and the ever favorite magic mic. Honestly, i don't drink... no, i drink occasionally, but most of the time to appease my friends. It actually just took one bottle of smirnoff and 2 shots of Sake for me to feel dizzy... much to my friends' amusement/disappointment. i didn't do anything silly though... just laughed and laughed and laughed more...and sang out of tune... it was fun. i wanted to stay longer, but didn't like that feeling of being dizzy, so i decided to go home at 1am. yeah, i'm such a kj... and to my friend, J and the others... i'll make it up next time guys. bawi na lang ako...

6. and life gets weirder and weirder... i'm doing things i've never done before... and i barely know where i am heading. *sorry, i can't tell more than that. too personal, i'm afraid.*

Sunday, February 26, 2006

thank God for strangers

i've been too lazy to post here. (i'm sorry, my dear blog!)

well, laziness is not the only thing to blame. i've been blogging at friendster for the past 2/3 weeks (thus explaining my absence here). but there's no need to worry now...i've returned home.

i thought blogging there would draw me even closer to the people i personally know (real-life friends, relatives, co-workers, etc.). that somehow, they could catch up with the real ME... that side of me that you'd just get to know when we've get the chance to talk... really talk. Talks about love, hope, and finding life's deeper and more meaningful. talks about rainbows and butterflies and sunsets and shadows. Not just talk about what to do today or when's the next gimmick, or where to go tomorrow or what to wear to a party, or who's hooking up with whom.

I was wrong.... not a very good idea. (hey, before y'all make some conclusion, i didn't make enemies by blogging there...NOPE, ha ha! :-)

i only got some irritated friends telling me that their e-mails are being flooded by friendster messages informing them that i updated my blog... for the nth time. this is because i'm having a hard time playing with 'friendsters' templates & stuff. i think it's sooo not very idiot-friendly, so i always end up editing my entries, not only once, but ... well, i dunno, 5-6 times? :-) So. imagine my friends being pissed off about those messages... and they don't even read my blog! I could definitely relate ... :) my poor, poor friends. .. i know they wanna strangle me. :)

So, i'm back here!!! (well, i still plan to post there from time to time... kulit ko, 'noh! he he)

... and when i saw the tags, and the comments, and the people i got acquainted with... i couldn't help but be touched.

Truly, there is a certain feeling of peace and comfort in walking with strangers.

Friday, February 10, 2006


I've had my hair curled!

...... and i'm lovin' it!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


the last few days were not my luckiest.

1.thursday: I've got a flat tire!!!

On my way to work, my tire blew up. though i didn't panic, i also didn't know what to do. i did not pull over or stop. i also don't know how to change tires, and i was running late for work. (tsk, tsk). moreover, i didn't like the idea of waiting for some road assistance for hours while some babies are also waiting to be taken cared for in the hosp. i thought that if i'd be late for 2 or 3 hours at work, it'd take a while for me to catch up, and i'd surely have a terrible night. i noticed i was almost 8 or 9 blocks away from the parking lot, so i just slowed down and headed there even if i was running with a flat tire (my bad). good thing i was able to make it to the parking lot, with my car still intact.

I wasn't late, but i still had a terrible night at work... assignment was kinda heavy. 'nuff said.

And because i was so busy that night, i was the last one who clocked out the next morning. my charge and co-workers waited for me in the parking area, but they got tired of waiting, so only ate R, a filpino co-worker was left there when i finally arrived. A security officer helped me change tires. No, He changed my tire. i don't think i was able to help at all.

*Thank you, Mr. Johnny Norwood!!! I really appreciate it*

2. Friday- i was supposed to go to an auto store/mechanic to buy a new tire. (the old tire looks really bad, nobody thinks it can be fixed) But since i was so tired from last night's work, i opted to sleep first for just a few hours. And... i overslept. i woke up at around 4pm. very nice, indeed. my relative offered to accompany me, but i have to meet him at his place (which is like, a 40-min drive, and it was already dark). when we got to the first auto store, they didn't have the same exact tire i have. so, we went to the competitor store. unfortunately, it was already closed. So, i went home, still running with the 'donut' spare tire on my car.

3. Saturday- first thing in the morning, i headed to my dealer's auto services dept. and know what? they also don't have the same exact tire i have. they still have to order it and if i'm lucky, the said tire would be available in 2 days. I went to another auto store, and it was the same thing. I went to the last tire store i know... same thing. but... they told me that one of their branches on the other side of the city has the same exact tire as mine, and it's the last one. i called the store, and asked for directions, even if i'm not pretty confident i could go there. And, i was impressed, coz they told me they could transfer the said tire to where i am, i just have to wait for an hour and a half. i agreed coz i don't really wanna drive on the freeway with my 'donut' spare tire on.

I didn't wait for 1 & 1/2 hour. i just waited for almost 6 hours to get my tire fixed! it took forever for the new tire to be delivered. good heavens! but it was okay. my car was fixed, so i really didn't bother to be angry that time. besides, the frontdesk guy was cute, he he. and i could really see that he's concerned with my car, coz he looks at my direction from time to time. He offered sincere apology for the delay, and even gave me a $30 discount for the tire. it wasn't really that bad.

4. Sunday/monday ('twas almost midnight): I developed a rash!!!! and it was itching as hell!

i thought it's probably an allergy. must be something i ate. but it's weird, coz i didn't have it on my face & body. it was localized on my extremities, so i ruled out food as a cause. i thought of soaps/lotions as the culprit, but i've been using the same old things, and i haven't had a rash since i first used them. not until now.

5. tuesday- still itching. rash hasn't subsided. called in sick @ work.

i went to st. joe's ER (up to this time, i haven't found a family doctor yet), and have the rash checked. one good news. it isn't infectious/contagious, so it's okay for people to be with me. (he he... my friends cannot insult me) but, we cannot determine the probable cause. food is definitely not the culprit coz i should've had it all over my body if it was sumthn i ate. the NP's suspect is a lotion or soap, but we really cannot tell, coz i have been using the same stuffs ever since, and nothing ever happened before. really weird. She gave me a bunch of medicine to take though.

6. Tuesday night- Traffic offense: beating the red light.
my friend D offered to take me to the ER earlier, and after we filled up the prescriptions, we went out to eat. (by the way, she was driving) And, to complete the series of unfortunate events... she went on a red light.... and, luckily, there was a patrol on our side, so the officer followed us, and asked for her license and car insurance.

* Now, it's wednesday, and i hope that my not so lucky days are over. i hope that my rash is gone when i wake up this afternoon too. or that, it wouldn't itch that much anymore. *

*anyway, i just remembered my friends reprimanded me for not pulling over when i've had a flat tire. they told me i might have caused an accident (didn't happen, anyway) if things have gotten worse. i felt bad about it, but what's done is done. at least now, i know what to do. *